Italy: 174 dead in 24 hours, the lowest toll since the start of containment

Italy: 174 dead in 24 hours, the lowest toll since the start of containment

The coronavirus epidemic has claimed nearly 29,000 lives in the Peninsula, according to official figures.

Italy announced Sunday May 3 the death in 24 hours of 174 patients of the coronavirus, the lowest number since the first day of confinement of the country, which must be relieved Monday.


Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had announced this national confinement during the night of March 9-10, explaining to 60 million Italians that the extension to the whole territory of this measure ordered two days earlier for the North was the only way stem the pandemic.

It killed nearly 29,000 people on the peninsula, according to official figures.

The figures show a control of the contagion for several weeks, and illustrate a lightened pressure on the hospital system. They urged the authorities to alleviate the confinement of the population in order to restart an economy knocked down by the disease. But this opening remains very cautious: no retail businesses, no bars or restaurants, telecommuting encouraged, no family reunion even if it will be possible to go to see your loved ones living in the same region, social distancing maintained there included in transport, no gathering, no picnic in the park…


According to Giuseppe Conte, 4.4 million employees should, however, return to work. It will also be possible to move away from your home for walks, cycling or physical exercise.

But the health authorities keep repeating to the Italians that a second wave is to be feared if they do not continue their efforts. “I implore you, do not lower your guard,” begged Saturday the head of the crisis cell, Domenico Arcuri, who speaks of “relative freedom” . “It depends on you,” he continued.

All figures confirm that contagion is currently under control, with the lowest number of intensive care patients (1,501) since March 13, and a number of patients listed on the verge of falling below the symbolic 100 000, which had been crossed on April 11.

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