Coronavirus: Trump encourages denial of Republican America

Coronavirus: Trump encourages denial of Republican America

Like the Chernobyl cloud that “stopped at the borders” … the coronavirus, to believe Donald Trump, would largely spare “red” Republican America. A denial of reality which risks favoring the contamination of the whole country.

Tate Reeves, the Republican governor of Mississippi, has two obsessions: abortion, and the economy. Regarding the termination of pregnancy, there is nothing more urgent than stopping it:

“We will take all necessary measures to protect not only the lives of unborn children, but also those of anyone who may contract the virus. “

Texas and Ohio, also “red” (Republican) states, are on the same side.

As for the economy, the governor of Mississippi has a very broad conception of the definition of the word “essential” . By decree, he has just ordered that almost all of his state’s commercial activities be declared “essential”, prohibiting municipalities from adopting a more restricted definition.


Welcome to America of denial. Even as the United States now holds the sad record of countries affected by the virus, with apocalyptic scenes in New York hospitals, a certain America continues to practice the policy of the ostrich.

Normal: it is encouraged by the first of its citizens, Donald Trump. A few days after having promised a “reopening” of the country at Easter, just because this day is “a beautiful moment” , he continues to wear his buttonhole optimism, “as we approach the end, in our historic battle against the invisible enemy . ” “A lot of positive things are happening,” he said again on Thursday, March 26, “the death rate, in my opinion, is going up, down sharply. ” If he says so …


Restart the economy

Disregarding reality, Trump aggravates the country’s divide between two Americas, one (the Democrat on both coasts) supposedly infected, the other (the “middle” Republican) more or less immune.

The White House is thus preparing to publish a classification of the 3,000 and some American counties, State by State, sorting out the most affected and those who seem to be spared. Deborah Birx, anti-virus coordinator at the White House, is delighted by the “extraordinarily low [infection] figures in almost 40% of the country, where, however, they are testing” .

The idea is to restart the economy as quickly as possible in these “free zones”. The ideological metaphor is obvious, especially when Trump ridicules the demands of a “blue” (that is to say democratic) city like New York: contrary to what the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, asserts Trump “ do not believe ” that New York urgently needs ” 40,000 or 30,000 fans ” .

The usual clique of Trump fans loves this opposition between the two Americas, it has immediately started.


On March 25, Dinesh D’Souza, a particularly radical commentator, denounced on Fox News “those who propagated the idea that the president and Fox News were doing so much misinformation, and that we were going to see the coronavirus spread in all the states – Republicans were going to die. In reality, and it is interesting, this propagation is observed especially in the blue states. “

Well done !

Worse still, some commentators and elected state officials and “red” media , encouraged by Trump, show criminal nonchalance. Fox News pit bull Laura Ingraham tweets:

“We have so often burned our fingers with the ‘ experts’ – it is difficult to know who to trust, especially when fear trumps common sense. Cuomo is already seeing a peak in New York. Same for Washington State – We will overcome that. “


On March 14, John Kennedy, the senator from Louisiana, said with a face that he continued to shake hands:

“I haven’t changed anything at all. First, not everyone is going to get the virus. Second, not everyone will die. “

Ten days later, New Orleans having become one of the hot spots of the infection, Kennedy has an explanation. It’s the fault of the drunk invaders:

“We had Mardi Gras. People came from all over the world. Among them, one or two had had one too many and weakened their immune system. And we had a problem. “

Remarks made shortly after the governor of Louisiana indicated that his state is experiencing the fastest case progression in the world !


11 states with more than 1,500 cases

This begs the question: is the virus really the plague of the blue states, or have they simply taken a little ahead of the red states, generally more rural and less populated?

Lousiane has the third highest number of cases per capita, behind the states of New York and Washington. And only five states have recorded more deaths than Georgia, another red state.

Instead of taking advantage of the slower spread of the virus in rural America to limit contagion throughout the country, the artificial division introduced by Trump between a “healthy” country and another “infected” is likely to accelerate the contamination whole country. What worries healthcare professionals a lot.


As Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former member of the Food and Drug Administration states:

“I am concerned about the situations that are emerging in New Orleans, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, among others. In China, no province other than that of Hubei has at any time had more than 1,500 cases. In the United States, 11 states have already reached this number. Our epidemic is likely to be national in scope. “

The Chernobyl cloud ignored borders. The coronavirus makes fun of those that separate blue America from red.

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