Russians build prefabricated hospital for coronavirus patients, like in China

Russians build prefabricated hospital for coronavirus patients, like in China

Located about sixty kilometers from Moscow, the hospital should accommodate 500 patients. According to the latest report, Russia has 114 cases of coronavirus on its territory.

Wuhan’s experience inspires. The city of Moscow has started construction of a prefabricated hospital to accommodate the patients of Covid-19. Announced on Friday March 13, the site started this week. As in China, workers work day and night to go as quickly as possible.

In a statement, the public works department of the city hall of the Russian capital said it had started construction of the building and the roads leading to it.

With a capacity of 500 beds connected to breathing apparatus, it will be located about sixty kilometers southwest of central Moscow and will extend over 43 hectares.

Andreï Bochkarev, deputy mayor of the city, assured that it would be a “medical center among the most modern” built “with the experience of our Chinese partners” . However, he did not specify the deadlines.

It will include “operating theaters, resuscitation and diagnostic services, others reserved for children,” said the authorities’ statement.


105 million euros

In early February, China had built a 1,000-bed hospital in just 10 days because of the Covid-19 in Wuhan, the site of the epidemic.

The pro-Kremlin mayor of the Russian capital, Sergei Sobianin, assured him in a statement on Tuesday that the hospital will be located 250 meters from the first dwellings and that it will be “safe for residents”.

According to the Russian site Znak, citing an internal document to the town hall not published, the site is expected to cost 8.5 billion rubles (105 million euros).

The construction of such a hospital allows the Russian government to show that it is taking action against the virus, while no general containment measure has yet been taken, even if the borders of the countries are closed until May 1st.

The country currently reports 114 patients with the new coronavirus.

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