Who really offers bug bounties?

Who really offers bug bounties?

Bug bounties are extremely important in today’s society, in terms of ensuring security for websites, programs or apps. As well as providing greater security, they also help to tackle the rise of black hat hackers, as white hat hacking becomes more viable.

What is a bug bounty program?

A bug bounty program is a program offered by websites, which give incentives for white hat hackers to (legally) find exploits in a system, website or app service and to report it back to the website. Often compensation for their hard work is given in the form of money or recognition. Companies offer these programs, as often they can be a quick, cheap and easy way to find and even fix exploits from within a system.

You may ask yourself “why use bug bounty programs when you could just employ a team of bug fixers to fix the bugs?” and yes, that is a valid question, however there are many benefits of using bug bounty programs as they can offer a platform for anyone to be able to find bugs, meaning the smartest people in the world could potentially discover exploits, without them needing to be employed by you, saving money and time.

Now, which companies offer bug bounties?

YesWeHack.com is a Bug Bounty Platform, offering access for users to be able to discover exploits for many companies and to get compensation for doing so. Yes We Hack offers bounties from companies including :

– Deezer

– Dailymotion

– Outscale

– Qwant


These are some of many companies that offer bug bounties just on YesWeHack.com alone. Other platforms such as Hackerone.com offer companies such as Starbucks, Spotify, Nintendo and Microsoft. That being said there thousands of companies on the internet registered to bug bounty programs. Companies tend to pay anywhere from $50 all the way to upwards of $10,000, which varies depending on the size of the company and the severity of the exploited bug.

According to Hackerone.com, by using bug bounty programs, the ROI or “Return on investment” can reach up to 646%, there is a 66% reduction in internal investments, meaning that there is less strain being put on the companies, allowing for more time to be put onto what really matters. And finally a 50% reduction in test duration has been found, meaning that companies can save up to hundreds of hours on finding bugs and exploits and can instead reallocate the time into other parts of their business.

YesWeHack.com offers a way for you as a company or business to register and to launch your own program, so that other skilled programmers can find, discover and potentially fix problems and exploits in your system. This means that no matter what you are looking for, whether that be fixes for your company or if you want to make money whilst fixing bugs, there is something for you on Yes We Hack, but not just Yes We Hack, as there are hundreds of other companies offering bug bounty programs for you to use, with varying payouts to choose from.

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