Animal welfare, 15 French brands awarded : Carrefour, Casino, Holder, Tesco

Animal welfare, 15 French brands awarded : Carrefour, Casino, Holder, Tesco

Fifteen French food and retail brands received a “egg”, “veal”, “turkey” or “cow” of gold for their commitment to improving animal welfare, out of 50 companies rewarded worldwide, the NGO CIWF announced.

For the 12th award ceremony in Brussels on 27 June, CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) awarded eight “Golden Eggs” to the French companies Carrefour, Fleury Michon, C’est qui le patron?, the Avril group, the Scarmark, the Holder group (Paul, Ladurée), the Pierre Schmidt group and Franprix. The criteria have been strengthened: in addition to committing to ending the use of cages for laying hens by 2025, companies must also commit not to sell eggs from caged hens.

Three “Golden calves” are the “Pleasure calves” brand from the Joly farm in Burgundy Franche-Comté, which raises calves on straw, in Buitelaar Group (United Kingdom) and the first British distribution group Tesco, which has set up housing for calves in pairs or groups on over 700 farms.

In France, only one “Poulet d’or” is awarded to Monoprix (Casino), which has been committed “for several years to improving animal welfare in its supply chains”. Last year, the brand gave up fast-growing chicken strains for its private label, which are the hallmark of the industrial sector to reduce costs, and is committed by 2026 to lower densities (less than or equal to 30 kg/m2), natural light, and improved slaughter conditions.

Four companies receive an honourable mention for the “Golden Rabbits”: Compass Group France (catering), which has undertaken to source only fresh rabbit meat from off-cage farms, and the Lapin and Bien France brand. The German companies Edeka and Dokas also won awards.

For the “Vaches d’or”, Bel cheese dairies receive a mention of honour for giving access to pasture to all cows involved in the manufacture of the mini babybel, and prohibiting the attachment of animals. The same goes for Franprix and its Franprix brand milk. The Loué farmers won a “Golden Turkey”.

New category this year, the “Sustainable Farming and Food Trophies” are awarded to the British farm SJ Cutter, Model Farm, and the British egg producer Chippindale. Finally, 17 Chinese companies receive trophies for the breeding of broilers, pigs and laying hens.

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