Story of Three Young Runners who have Triumphed in National Pedagogy

Story of Three Young Runners who have Triumphed in National Pedagogy

In Europe, Nairo Quintana, Miguel Angel Lopez, Esteban Chaves, Rigoberto Urán, Fernando Gaviria and Egan Bernal, among others, have appeared in recent years. They are the hope of Colombia for the great cycling triumphs of today.

At the same time, in the national territory, there are runners who exhibit remarkable conditions and who in some years could triumph in World Tour teams and become idols of the country. This is the case of Jesus David Pena, champion of the Vuelta de la Juventud 2019, Brayan Hernández and Miguel Ángel Sarmiento, winner of the points jersey. These are your stories.

In the moments when he is not pedaling, Jesus David Peña, 19, writes. Write a lot Love that activity because it is done with love, for that feeling that springs from it thanks to everything that is related to art. When he does not capture thoughts with letters, he portrays them with drawings.

The rest of the time he listens to music and trains to climb mountains on top of the bicycle, as he did in the fourth stage of the Vuelta de la Juventud, in which he conquered the climb to Vélez (Santander) and took over the leader’s jersey. That day he gave a show on the route; I used to offer it in other areas.

Pena went by bicycle to school. An ordinary day became transcendental. They invited him to a mountain biking competition. “Follow that you are good,” the cycling teacher Rodrigo Rodríguez told him later. Jesus listened and arrived at Coldeportes Strongman, one of the strongest teams in the national environment, where he receives advice from Diego Cano and Oscar Quiroz.

Among others, while polishing his conditions to climb better and better the peaks that lead to glory , as do their idols: Egan Bernal and Nairo Quintana. That while expressing himself as an artist who says: “Art is love and doing everything with love is always art”.

Since Brayan Hernandez remembers, his mother, Gloria Helena Gomez, goes out to ride a bicycle for sport and health. He did not want to stay at home and at the age of 11 he decided to accompany her. In those tours I observed those who trained with a small cycling club that Fajardo had organized in Viboral (Antioquia) and he joined them.

His conditions led him to run the Vuelta del Porvenir 2015 and win it. His talent acquired brightness and in 2018 he participated in the Vuelta a Colombia, in which he became the champion of the mountain and of young people.

“My dad helped me assemble my first bike while Alberto Contador became my idol because of that aggressive style of attacking always. I try to do it from a distance, go for the whole or for nothing, “says Brayan, a 22-year-old rider who did not do well in the recent Vuelta de la Juventud, but who has shown quality in the mountains and who yearns to run in a World Tour team and go for everything. His sister, Lina Marcela Hernández, is also a cyclist and dazzled in the past National Track Championships.

It is no longer rare that in Colombia, in addition to the constant climbers, sprinters emerge. Fernando Gaviria, Juan Sebastián Molano, Álvaro Hodeg and Nelson Soto have delighted the country with their performance in packaging.

And now there is one more that could fill with victories of stages Miguel Angel Sarmiento, a 20 year old who came to cycling under the influence of his father, Luis Eduardo Sarmiento, to whom he dedicated, through tears, the triumph of the first of the two stages he won in the recent Vuelta de la Juventud. “I fulfilled a dream, but he, who has always supported me a lot and who has accompanied me in all my careers since I was a child, could not be for economic reasons,” Sarmiento said.

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