Juan the Best Colombian Cyclist in Fixed Gear

Juan the Best Colombian Cyclist in Fixed Gear

He tried, tried and competed in some municipal and regional road cycling races, until life led him to find a year ago the path that would lead him to be, so far, the best in the country. He found fixed-gear bicycles, he took a risk and now he does not come down from the first place.

It’s Juan David Peña Garzón from Bogota, who competed among the most stellar of the sport that in Colombia has one of the highest levels of the world, the road cycling, until his talent was found with a modality little explored in Colombia, but that it’s growing

The passion for the bicycle did not allow him to abandon the cycling, for that reason it looked for until it found his. One day they invited him to a trial outside of Bogotá, to the north, at Castillo Marroquín, with a trip to Sesquilé and back, but not on his road bike, they lent him a fixed gear.

Without training, in the first time he competed, he risked and won. It was the National Fixed Pinion Championship and that day in April 2018, Juan David found the path he had sought in the sport, because that triumph welcomed the family of the fixed gear in Colombia, that family that now has it as the best in the country and the rival to beat, with only three days of training.

Currently in Colombia, no more than 50 cyclists arrive at any fixed-gear event, it is a growing modality that will have the first major world event from 17 to 19 May in Bogotá, the Hurricane Criterium, the race with the most important fixed-gear bicycle in Asia and that arrives for the first time in America, in the Colombian capital.

“It’s a race that we all want, in which we want to be, because runners from other countries come, against whom we do not usually run, so it’s a different feeling, that’s why we are training hard for that race, which already has more than 60 riders” , said Juan David Peña.

In just one year of competition, Peña became the benchmark of this modality, having won all the criterium-type races in which he has competed in Colombia and was third in his first international, in Ecuador, where “I had mechanical problems, but I managed to get third, “he acknowledges.

With a personalized bicycle, Juan David has won in Medellín, Cali, Bogotá and every Thursday he meets near the Bolívar Park in the Colombian capital to train and compete with the fixed-gear community that is growing in the country every day.

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